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SpiderTech Education

Are you a health care practitioner interested in learning more about how to use SpiderTech therapeutic tape? Enroll in our online training courses to learn how you can integrate Therapeutic Taping as an effective adjunct modality in your practice.

SpiderTech's online training modules detail the science and anatomy associated with the functionality of Therapeutic Taping, tape handling skills, and specific techniques for therapeutic and rehabilitative applications.

Key Topics covered in the Online Modules include:

  • Neurophysiology of Pain
  • The process of Nociception
  • The characteristics of Neuromuscular Plasticity
  • SpiderTech's Clinical Relevance and Therapeutic Goals
  • SpiderTech Application Techniques
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Attendees will receive a certificate of completion, and discounts towards our in-person Continuing Education Courses for CEUs. Register today as a Medical Professional, and receive 25% discount on the Online Modules.

To enroll in our online training modules, visit SpiderTech University today!

SpiderTech University

SpiderTech is proud to announce the most comprehensive Therapeutic Tape training available to Medical Professionals!
SpiderTech University: Training and education for medical professionals

Continuing Education

Consisting of webinars, online modules, and in-person classroom courses, SpiderTech University offers the most comprehensive therapeutic and rehabilitative taping education and training available to medical professionals.

Free live webinars hosted by SpiderTech’s Director of Education Karena Wu. Learn how to apply our tape to your patient in the most effective and efficient ways for maximum results.

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Enroll in our online training courses to learn how you can integrate therapeutic taping as an effective adjunct modality in your practice.

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The course offers a hands-on classroom experience, structured as 30% lecture and 70% laboratory. NSM Therapeutic & Rebabilitative Taping is the most comprehensive tape training available to medical practitioners.

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