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The Universal X Spider is available at these fine retailers. Select retailers also carry the Lower Back, Upper Knee, and Elbow applications. Enter your address, ZIP, or postal code above to find a retailer or medical professional closest to you.
Enter your address, ZIP, or postal code above to find a certified SpiderTech Taping Professional closest to you.
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Available at: Walmart, Sporting Life, SportChek, Guardian, IDA, Rexall, and Peak Performance

All of our SpiderTech products are available through our online store.
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Professionals, Trainers, and Resellers Discount

If you are a medical professional, sports or fitness trainer, coach, or a potential reseller, APPLY ONLINE NOW to see if you qualify for an exclusive SpiderTech discount! Be sure to select the customer group that applies to you.


For our international customers, our Universal X Spider, Lower Back, Upper Knee, Elbow, and Neck pre-cut applications can be purchased from our International Distributor Partner Network. CLICK HERE to find an international SpiderTech supplier near you.