Lower Back Pro-Cut Application Instructions

Learn how to easily apply our Lower Back Pro-Cut and feel relief from your pain.

We’ve created two ways to help you apply:

  • 1. Watch our application video with director of education Dr Nick martichenko
  • 2. Follow the written and illustrated step-by-step guide below.
  • Application Step-By-Step Guide

    • + Stretch the muscle, not the tape.
    • + Avoid touching the adhesive.
    • + Avoid repositioning the tape once applied.
    • + Avoid applying to wounded, damaged or irritated skin.
    • + Remove backing paper off tape before applying.

    The tape:

    Backing Paper

    Applied Tape

    Before you begin:

    Prepare Skin:

    Clean skin, remove any sweat, oil, creams, and hair.

    Prepare Tape:

    Bend and snap all perforations.

    Application Steps

    Starting Position

    Stand in a relaxed position with shoulders slouched and head leaned forward.

    Step 1

    Apply section 1 centered between shoulder blades, over top of spine.


    Bring shoulders and head back to desired posture, with palms facing forward.

    Step 2

    Apply 2A towards left arm.
    Apply 2B towards right arm.

    Step 3

    Apply 3A towards left arm.
    Apply 3B towards right arm..

    Step 4

    Gently rub to activate adhesive.

    Benefits of Taping

    • + Reduces pain.
    • + Increases lymphatic flow in the area.
    • + Support for previous injuries.
    • + Universal fit for all sizes.