What They Say

I am an OR nurse and on my feet twelve hours a day my knees are shot and this product has really been a lifesaver for me I can walk all day long and not feel any pain. Easy to apply and stays on for several days I definitely recommend this product to healthcare workers with bad knees.
Ferber 12/03/2014
I was recently training for a half ironman and had a lot of knee pain about a month out from the race. Thanks to this product, I was able to continue biking and running with very little pain and reduced inflammation in my knee. I live in an area with very little PT support, but that didn't matter because using the instructional videos I could easily apply the tape myself. If it weren't for the taping, I would have lost a lot of fitness and most likely have struggled through the race. Instead, I had an awesome day of racing!
LZZE 10/14/2014
As a Sports Massage Therapist, I deal with many different Sport injuries, the universal X tapes have been one of the greatest recovery tools I've used. My athletes rely on me to use the best, and it matters that it is also drug free. The X tapes can be used on low backs, knees, shoulders, forearms, basically anywhere you need that extra support.
Jdshafer92603 10-09-2014