Pro Postural Application

Learn how to best apply our Pro Postural pre-cut for optimal results. We've provided two resources to assist you:

1. Watch our detailed application video by our Director of Education, Dr Nick Martichenko

2. Follow our illustrated guide below

Application Guide - Step-by-Step

Pro Postural Application

Follow the steps in order to achieve a perfect application.

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Before you begin

To ensure the best results:

Clean skin, remove any sweat, oil, creams and hair.

Prepare tape before application and tear all perforations.


Stand in a relaxed position.

Step 1

Apply section 1 centered between shoulder blades, over top of spine.


Bring shoulders back to desired posture, with palms facing forward.

Step 2

Apply 2A towards left arm.

Apply 2B towards right arm.

Step 3

Apply section 3A towards left arm.

Apply section 3B towards right arm.

Step 4

Return to relaxed position. Gently rub to activate adhesive.

Application Troubleshooting

Applying kinesiology tape is a unique process that may require some practice. Here are the most common issues people encounter and our expert solutions to help you apply the tape effectively and with confidence.

What do I do if the tape sticks to itself during application?

If your tape sticks to itself or has wrinkles during application, gently stretch the tape until it releases from itself and then continue with your application.

How can I get the most out of my tape application?

Here are a few tips to help your tape stay on longer:

  1. Remove hair, oils, and lotions.
  2. Apply tape only to clean, dry, undamaged skin.
  3. Ensure there is little to no stretch in your tape (stretch the muscle, not the tape).
  4. Rub the tape to activate the adhesive.
How can I avoid touching the adhesive during application?

When removing the backing paper to expose each individual tab, do not remove the entire tab. Leave about an inch that you can use to hold on to the tape and ensure it is applied in the perfect spot.

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