À quoi s'attendre

Heure d'apparition

5-7 jours

Les premiers effets se font sentir dans les 30 minutes suivant l'application. Lorsqu'il est appliqué correctement, il dure entre 5 et 7 jours et peut être porté pendant l'activité physique, la douche et le sommeil.

Quand postuler

Après une blessure, en conjonction avec d'autres techniques de traitement (ex : physiothérapie, glaçage, sauna, etc.).

Application Duration

Each application offers an average of 3 days of support.

For optimal adhesion, remove hair and clean skin.

Follow provided application instructions for best results.

Initial effects may take up to 24 hours, as indicated by research.

The tape is water resistant and can be worn in the shower and during sleep.

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Optimized for Posture

Enveloping the entire upper back and shoulder region, our design provides optimal biomechanical support, boosts lymphatic flow, minimizes tissue congestion, and delivers targeted relief.

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Research-backed Design

Built on a broad base of research, our Pro Posture integrates scientifically validated treatments into a pre-cut shape, ensuring optimal recovery and support.

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Step-by-step Instructions

Application Video

Clinical Research

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of kinesiology tape in treating postural issues, such as shoulder injuries and neck pain. These studies emphasize the tape’s ability to enhance joint stability, increase blood flow, and manage pain.

Spidertech CEC Instructor

Dr. Tony Diab

DC, BSc, Chiropractor and Educator at Canadian Chiropractic College

"Pro-cuts have revolutionized my practice. With easy applications, they provide comprehensive support to entire body regions."

What to Expect with our Pro Postural

Regular use of the Pro Posture enhances joint stability, blood flow, and muscle relaxation, reducing symptoms of poor posture, shoulder injuries, and neck pain. Expect faster recovery and improved postural alignment, supporting peak performance and healing.

When to Use Spidertech Pro-Cuts

When to Use

Wear the tape daily for relief. Allow your skin to breathe by waiting a full day between applications.

Application Duration of Spidertech Pro-Cuts

Application Duration

Tape longevity varies due to several factors, but typically, each application lasts 3 days.

Expected Results from Spidertech Pro-Cuts

Expected Effects

Effects are often noticeable within 24 hours. With consistent use, the Pro Posture continues to alleviate pain, enhance circulation, and accelerate the natural healing process.

Impeccably High Standards

Red Maple Leaf, visual representation - manufactured in Canada

Manufactured in Canada

Proudly manufactured in Canada to the highest standards for over 15 years.

3D Orb of glue, visual representation of Spidertech's Proprietary adhesive

Medical Grade Adhesive

Our proprietary blend has been rigorously tested and refined to reduce irritation.

Floating Black cloth, visual representation of Spidertech's material makeup

Elite Cotton Sourcing

Premium Japanese cotton and a precise 98-2 cotton-spandex ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Pro Postural help with?

The Pro Postural addresses various muscle or swelling-related issues in the upper and mid back. Common reasons to use the Pro Postural include poor posture, mid back pain, shoulder injuries, rounded shoulders, neck pain, rib pain, muscle tension, post-operative rehabilitation, and scapular control.

Can I shower with a Pro Postural on?

Yes. All Spidertech tapes are water-resistant and will stay on through showers, swimming, and exercise. However, shampoos can weaken the adhesive, so it is best to avoid letting soaps and shampoos contact the tape.

Can I apply this myself?

Due to the positioning of the tape on the back, it is recommended to have someone else apply the Pro Postural.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2624 reviews
Wanda S.
I find the product really good

I find the product really good but I think they are very expensive. A lot of my friends would like to have some but can’t afford to buy them, very sad.

Milica E.
Great quality. The gentle works

Great quality. The gentle works very well for my sensitive skin.

Thank you for taking the time to write an amazing review for us, Milica! Glad to hera that our gentle tape is helping your taping needs!

Barbara M.
Helps support my back

Helps support my back, less pain

Wonderful! We love to hear it! Thank you for sharing your feedback, Barbara!

Lori A.
Sensitive tape

A little spendy but it's great thank you.

Jane A.
Great product.

Great product. I have been using it for several years.

Amazing, we love to hear it! So glad our Spidertech products are helping you with your taping needs!